The past in the present

June 20th 2023 - September 17th 2023

Michael Pappas & Mihailo Vasiljević

Curated by Anja Obradović & Neva Lukić

The exhibition “The past in the present” by Michael Pappas & Mihailo Vasiljević intertwines the works of two artists belonging to a related civilisational and religious circle – Greece and Serbia. What connects them is the interest in tradition, shown through a mixture of pagan and orthodox origins as well as a fondness for long-term research projects which include trips to various parts of Greece and Serbia. Each artist approaches the topic through a different way of photographing and their poetics function as the opposite poles of related story, although the starting point for both is documenting the motives which are seen or found (excerpt from the text: Neva Lukić).

The modern anxious man is alienated from the magical Great Time, the sacred time into which the man of mythological communities entered through ritual and thus separated himself from the profane time (Eliade). Pappas and Vasiljević plunge into the sacred time and invite the observer to jump out of profane time, to search for unconscious psychological forces, Jungian archetypes, common to all human beings.