Domingos de Barros Octaviano

Born 1985 in São Paulo (Brazil). Graduated as an illustrator and graphic designer, Domingos is currently studying fine arts at HBK Brunswick (Germany). Working across different media ranging from sculpture, painting and installations, the artist puts a lot of emphasis on indigenous culture and forms of language, sometimes creating his own alphabets and symbols. Storytelling and imagination take form in his canvases as well as in his travel books which he avidly creates along his journeys. Having grown up next to the sea he is deeply linked to its culture and inhabitants as well as being influenced by the diverse aspects of his native Brazil. Being born on March 11th also influenced his artistic production deeply, as his zodiac sign is a Pisces, which is a recurring symbol in his work, an emotional dreamer.

“I deeply believe in a deeper universal connection between all living beings. One of the things I try to reach with my art is this inner string that unites us all independently of boundaries and territories. I think culture plays a bigger role than a nation and I am not a nationalist, but I canʼt deny that one can only know oneself better in contact with what is different, thatʼs why being in Germany plays a big role in my artistic and self-development. Brazilian culture is always going to be in my heart, I can not deny what I am, but I like to do the anthropophagic experience and internalize several different cultures and learnings inside myself and my artistic production. “ – Domingos de Barros Octaviano