Jorge Marín

Born 1986 in Medellín. Lives and works between Medellín and Bogotá.

The thin line that separates reality from fiction, allows us to address, through imposture, political, social and cultural contexts, revealing flaws and gaps in our historical construction. Through fictional, anachronistic and utopian representations, these relationships between reality and fiction, allow each project to go through multiple means, techniques and research and postproduction tools, which, assumed from a reflexive position, allow each project to become a critical and analytical comment

This contemporary reflection around the imposture assumes problematic interactions between languages and the blurry boundaries between simulacrum and reality, original and copy, fiction and document. In this search, the generative, utopian and parodic capacity is restored to the word, turning it into a tool that complements the image, taking the production to an extended or expansive dimension, in which its foundations are maintained, despite the fact that the supports , the inscription, the scale, the materials and the combination with other languages put it in a situation of estrangement or dislocation. Each project is understood as a process of research-creation of medium and long term, which uses multidisciplinary strategies that seek to focus attention on debates and thoughts that go beyond the plastic, seeking active readings beyond their visual and aesthetic characteristics. This leads to the investigation and production of each project, should be understood according to the words of Hal Foster, not as the vertical deepening in a language, but as the horizontal displacement by different means and resources, which the artist takes advantage of in a way Eclectic, according to a specific need.