Clément Bedel

Clément Bedel (b.1993) is a visual artist based in Mulhouse, France.

He completed his MA studies at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy in 2017 and lived and worked in Belgrade from 2016 to 2020.

Growing up in Les Vosges formed in him a fundamental sense of nature that resonates with German Romanticism and the idea of Weltschmerz. While residing in Serbia he also developed a strong attachment to the aesthetic and essence of Brutalist architecture.

He almost exclusively practices painting, assembling hybrid elements in an attempt to touch that timeless moment of calmness, plenitude and silence right after the end, and from there on, a future not so lost, but rather born anew with the presence of organic forms derived from nature.

Clément Bedel participated in many group shows in France, Germany and Serbia, as well as artist residencies in Leipzig (2019) and Istanbul (2020). He most notably had solo exhibitions in KC Grad, Belgrade (2019), Biennale Jeune Création, Mulhouse (2019) and U10 ArtSpace, Belgrade (2021).

In 2022 he will exhibit in Centre Culturel de Serbie Paris, Fondation François Schneider Wattwiller, Art Karlsruhe Fair as well as solo exhibitions in London and Stuttgart.