Intimate / Outspoken

March 16th - May 13th 2023


Hestia gallery’s presentation at its pop-up location L` Atlas in Paris wishes to exalt the quintessence of what it believes to share with its host. Namely, L’Atlas operates as a “galerie des mondes”, a place where multiple geographies meet to present artistic disciplines and movements from around the world. The Western canon tends to define “world art” as a singular, heterogeneous unit, whereas we know that multiple art worlds co-exist and there are still many to be discovered or that need to be incorporated within the dominant narrative or framework. With this in mind, Hestia sheds light on artistic practices from a number of geographies not commonly explored: Bosnia, Chile, Estonia, Greece, Serbia, Spain. The title Intimate/Outspoken further asserts the existence of the inner world of the artists presented as well as the need of their voices to be loud and carefully heard.

The exhibition Intimate/Outspoken seeks to explore the intimate worlds of society as well as those of the artists’ presented. In an attempt to show inner worlds, preoccupations and one own’s thoughts, we explore the courage it takes to speak freely about ideologies and systems.  We present the works of seven artists coming from different geographical backgrounds that constitute a mix of inquiries and open up to new possibilities of seeing the world around us.

Press release

Curated by and text: Anja Obradovic