Lala Raščić – Copper on Fire

March 12th - April 28th 2023

Two circles represent the backbone of this exhibition. On the one hand – the pan,  a symbol of the folklore tradition, and on the other a “gorgoneion” – an apotropaic representation of Medusa`s head in the archaic age of Greece.

In accordance with the previous multimedia research approach to work and long-term projects that often deal with the recontextualization of various myths, mythological characters or traditions, Raščić continues to deal with the imposed patriarchal social norms and the rescue of traditions from folklorization created under influence of national policies.

In the process of creating this exhibition, the artist refers to various literature, including the essay “The Laugh of the Medusa” by the French feminist author Hélène Cixous from 1975., in which the author sets as the goal of the theoretical concept the creation of a feminist voice, i.e. its release, which is possible only through expression – the act of writing.

excerpt from the catalogue text: Neva Lukić