Ctrl + Alt + Del

November 28th 2021 - January 16th 2022

Curated by Hestia Team
Ana Vujović

Through the construction of broken formal structures and deconstructive elements, Ana Vujović points out the importance of re-examining the content of the possibility of the existence of untruth (error) and restructuring the dominant and conquering new perspectives through the prism of networking and dialogue. The concept of new works, presented in Hestia, builds on the concept of previous ones, the buildings are again based on fabric, but now traditional carpets or their elements are combined with props used for first aid, such as: gauze, bandage, thermal blanket (emergency) blanket) or plaster. At the exhibition Ctrl + Alt + Del, Ana Vujović continues her work with set values, but also hidden and suppressed truths in the local culture, while with her artistic practice she re-examines the elements of collective identities, ideologisation of heritage and possibilities of information manipulation.

Excerpt from the text: Sonja Kojić Mladenov, phd.