Apprehending The Invisible | Louis-Cyprien Rials

Curated by Gaël Charbau
Since 2011. Louis-Cyprien Rials has been exploring the power of new media such as photography, site-specific installations and video projects that often have a really simple but radical message which comes from the artist’s interest of unrecognized and war-affected territories. “Apprehending the Invisible” is the final outcome of his three-month residency at Hestia in Belgrade.
“My video series, mineral prints and un-existing postcards all manifest this absence in a very evident manner. The ruins, the undetermined territory, the forgotten places, closed or polluted areas become “involuntary natural parks.” — Louis-Cyprien Rials

Photo Credits: Nemanja Knežević for Before/After
Video: Courtesy of the Artist Louis-Cyprien Rials