Milica Milićević (1979) and Milan Bosnic (1969) are both MA’s of Departments of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade. They have been working on joint projects since 2005 under name diSTRUKTURA. They live and work in Krčedin, Serbia.

“In our efforts we are trying to build on an extended view of Nature – as sublime, pseudo, or synthetic nature in urban constellations – aiming to define the various relationships, both real and virtual, that create the realities of modern day life in which art has the significant function of pointing to and defining, without any utilitarian means, the evolving drama around us.

The question we are trying to ask is how long it takes for the changes in our environment to change the way we think? We care not only whether our work is observed but also HOW it is observed. With no intention of setting new theories, we use traditional art forms such as painting, drawing and photography, together with historical and cultural contexts embedded in our work, to allow the recipient to become aware of the time in which he lives, but also his historical and cultural heritage. By acting on this and calling for others to participate in our representations of Nature and landscape, we are once again attempting to point out to and re-establish the torn bonds between humans and Nature.

This mutual decision of such joint work is actually coming in terms with a notable state of crisis both in media representation and a ripening of information age of the early 21st century. In paintings planned and executed together on a solid plane canvases, as well as in drawings, photographs and video, the scope of our decisions is relied on mutual interaction and questioning. This leads, as we are convinced, into a sensitive ground of action and of pictorial puns and certain conceits of representation. What originates is an invigorating dynamics of joint works that are characterized as acknowledgements of our experience but also of a research that has the probability of existence beyond the visible. Such new artistic space is grown from subjective findings, inventions and choices with entries arising from mental, affective, sexual, artistic, public and social grounds.

History has repeatedly documented Man’s attempt to return to Nature and reinvent the bonds that were torn, particularly in times of rapid technological progress when the initial euphoria diverges and transforms into a set of its opposing feelings. Today, it is no different and the 21st century, after the industrial and technological revolution, brings a new digital revolution and an information boom that results in perhaps the greatest alienation of Man, both from Nature and from one another. Therefore, in this time of crisis it could be an artist’s job to reestablish these relationships and propose new metaphors that would reflect the complexities of biological, technical and social being and form a new, modern and wider idea of Nature which reflects on actual moment and modern day life.”- diSTRUKTURA

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